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How to choose suitable underwear for fat MM

2021-06-16 11:24:08
Fat MM is also to be beautiful, from the inside out, the inner beauty of fat MM is even higher than the others, because for fat MM, underwear is very important and can have an impact on both body and mind. Fat MM is too plump, so there will be fat accumulation and other problems, so fat MM should pay more attention to choosing underwear.

How fat MM chooses underwear

1. Vest-style underwear Generally speaking, the front and back of the fat MM will be fuller. The back of this kind of underwear is U-shaped, which can effectively wrap the excess fat on the back without showing it on the coat. The side circumference and lower circumference adopt a widening design, which can effectively prevent the breasts from expanding, and the axillary fat can be laterally retracted, and it can also prevent the breasts from sagging.

At the same time, the ultra-wide shoulder strap will not leave a mark on the shoulder. When using this kind of vest-style underwear, pay attention. After buckling the hook, reach into the cup to gather the outer and lower fat of the breast, especially to gather the free fat on the outer side of the breast into the cup and pull up the underwear. After that, stand up straight and adjust the length of the shoulder straps so that you feel comfortable. Lift your hands after you are comfortable. Under suitable circumstances, the undergarment will not slide up.

The back of the vest-style underwear fits well, visually and sensibly, the underarms and back are very smooth. Because the side and bottom circumferences will be very wide, there is no need to worry about the fat on the back when viewed from the outside like other narrow underwear. At the same time, this underwear can also effectively retract the breasts, making the breasts look fuller.
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How fat MM chooses underwear

2. Full cup underwear without steel ring
This is a kind of underwear specially designed for fat MM. Its characteristics are large coverage area, good tolerance, strong support and gathering ability.

In view of the characteristics of fat MM, the full cup can fully wrap the breast without pressure. At the same time, this kind of underwear generally has a hollow design with strong air permeability. The hook buckle is generally designed with multiple rows and multiple buckles, and you will not feel the back pain because of being strangled after wearing it for a long time.

It should be noted that when wearing this kind of underwear, you must put all the breasts into the cup and then buckle the hooks, and then sort the fat and auxiliary breasts, otherwise it will make the breasts feel uncomfortable.

Wearing this kind of underwear will make big breasts look smaller. Although the materials used in this kind of underwear will be very thin, there is no danger of running out and it will not be very tight. benefit.

In addition, because this kind of underwear does not have underwires, it will not compress the breasts, but is very comfortable and not easily deformed after washing.

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How fat MM chooses underwear

3. Sports all-inclusive underwear
It can effectively wrap the breasts and excess fat around the breasts, and the fabric is light and breathable. There is no hook on the back, which is convenient to wear and fits the back more closely.

Especially for fat MM, it can effectively prevent the breasts from moving when walking or exercising, especially for high-intensity exercise, and it has more shock-proof and fixed effect. The folding effect of the sports all-inclusive underwear is the best of the three underwear, and at the same time, it is necessary to take care of the problem of sweating during exercise.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose the style of quick-drying fabrics, which can keep the breasts and surrounding skin dry, and the comfort is also the best among these three kinds of underwear, and it is more convenient to wear without hooks.

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Even high-intensity exercise can avoid the embarrassment of sweating and breast movement that fat MMs often encounter.