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How to choose a postpartum belt

2021-06-15 18:26:41

For mothers who have just given birth, because they hope that their babies can take in adequate nutrition during pregnancy, they have also taken in a lot of nutrients and gained a lot of weight. I also think that I want to recover my body after giving birth to a baby. Many people will want to buy a belt for postpartum waist. But there are also some questions about the waistband. Here are some questions about the waistband for everyone.

1. When should I use a belt?

In fact, for women who have just given birth, normal delivery or caesarean section can be used a few days after delivery, but mothers must choose a belt that suits them, not too tight, which is extremely detrimental to mothers’ recovery after delivery. of.

2. How to choose a waist belt?

There are many types of waistbands, but it is recommended that mothers buy them after childbirth, as long as they are suitable for them. The main principle is to be comfortable and breathable, with a degree of tightness.

3. How long is the waist belt tied?

You should insist on wearing the waistband every day, but it is not recommended to use it all day long. You can untie the waistband when you sleep, and do not tie the waistband within an hour after a meal.
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What are the functions of the waistband

Just after giving birth, many mothers felt very frustrated and worried about their deformed figures and a little bulging abdomen. Some people would think of using related waistband products to help tighten the abdomen muscles. So what are the effects of the postpartum belt?

1. Fix the waist

The waistband can play a role in fixing the waist, reduce the pressure on the waist, and help promote the recovery of the waist injury.

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2. Protect the waist

After the mothers wear the waistband, if they want to exercise, the waistband can play a good role in protecting the waist during the exercise process, and can also reduce the endurance of the waist muscles and reduce the soreness in the waist. Reduce the incidence of sprained accidents.

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3. Promote the abdomen after delivery

The most important reason that pregnant women who have just given birth like to use a waistband is that it can help pregnant women to contract their abdomen and improve the phenomenon of pregnant women's abdominal muscle relaxation.