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Go all in to win the battle

shaper 2018-11-16 18:35:16
A drum and a good fight, go all out to Aish

1. Prepare for the battle, swear the goal, set the benchmark
Baoan in August and September is doomed to be extraordinary! The heat and heat have passed, but the heat of the entire Baoan foreign trade circle has not decreased. More than 400 foreign trade companies in Baoan District, a total of more than 400 foreign trade elites are in full swing to prepare for the battle of Ali Qian Qian Orange.

On August 24th, Shenzhen Aishike Clothing Co., Ltd. held the "Ai Shiqi Costumes and Thousand Oranges Circles and Stars ★ The Internal Launch Conference", and the International Trade Department Manager Anny took the lead and remained domineering. The personal performance target of the war is 6 million, and the whole company is boiling! ! ! 6000000! Yes, nothing is wrong, it is a personal goal and not the company's overall goal! ! ! Fueling our million heroes! ! !
Shenzhen Aishike Clothing Co., Ltd. The overall goal of this lap: 6.82 million yuan

On August 25th, Baoan District's Thousand Oranges and 100 Circles full-time kick-off meeting was held as scheduled. The soldiers of Aishiqi came to the kick-off meeting with high morale. The oath of the Seven Legion is really shocking, and the scene is full of blood and momentum! More than 50 foreign trade companies have reported their respective team goals and personal goals. At this time, everyone has the determination and belief to win. I believe that in the next 36 days, the warriors will challenge themselves and go all out, just like the slogan: it is bound to be achieved! ! !

2. All the staff fight, all the broken eggs, all the sprints
The lap war officially started! The Anshi team's soldiers and leading Anny, on the first day, set aside the rate for us, started the horn of the battle, and won the first order of the company and individuals, the order amount: 683163.36 RMB!

The soldiers saw Anny's proofing and were very motivated. In the first week, I completed the goal of breaking the whole egg! The soldiers saw Anny's proofing and were very motivated. The first week completed the goal of all staff! The soldiers saw Anny's proofing and were very motivated. The first week completed the goal of all staff! The soldiers saw Anny's proofing and were very motivated. The first week completed the goal of all staff!

In the next few days, Aishike’s other fighters followed closely, and the more and more brave, the big singles came one after another. Our million-strong hero, Anny, has never been slack, and has become more and more brave. She won two million orders within a day of the end of the battle and became a real dark horse warrior. The orders are 1773595.2RMB and 1197120RMB respectively. Through the unremitting efforts and persistence of the entire team, everyone transformed the initial pressure mountain into a driving force to go forward, struggle, fight hard, go all out to achieve the goal, surpass yourself and become a real warrior of Aishike!

As of September 26, 2018, Shenzhen Aishike Clothing Co., Ltd. completed a total of 626,238.80 RMB (6.26 million), the completion rate of the enterprise was 92%, and the last four days left, I believe the soldiers of Aishiqi Must be able to accumulate thin hair and create a miracle! ! !

3. Learning from each other, brainstorming, training summary
On September 6th, Aishi’s soldiers participated in the business training organized by Ali – “Foreign Trade Comprehensive Combat Power – Inquiry Analysis and Follow-up”. In the training, the soldiers have realized a lot of excellent talks and follow-up skills. In the end, they will apply their own business skills to practical operations and improve their professionalism. In the class, the teacher shared his own success motto: The more people who persist, the more they can harvest the unexpected "nightingale", and they will immediately see the power of persistence and benefit.

On September 11th, the Transcendence Corps convened the internal business focus meeting of the Legion in Shenzhen Aishike Clothing Co., Ltd. As the host, we also fully and actively assisted all the soldiers to complete the activities. This business meeting is undoubtedly a precious business learning opportunity for all the soldiers beyond the Legion. It is also a great affirmation of the Aiqiqi team by the Legion! At the focus meeting, the various legions carried out the order sharing and post-playing in the pre-circle period, which was wonderful. Everyone listened carefully to the experience of other outstanding teams and shared their success stories. The internal forces of the Legion learn from each other, learn from each other, answer questions and solve problems, and advance and retreat together!

4. Work and rest
During the lap war, the soldiers need to constantly improve and compete, and it is inevitable that the pressure is huge. At this time, Aishe gave the soldiers great human care. Not only do you prepare a rich afternoon tea and small desserts every day, but also hold a cultural and sports event every Saturday afternoon to help everyone relax and release stress. The combination of work and rest, the soldiers of Aishiqi will be able to play their greatest potential and fight out of style!

The excellence of a good team is inseparable from the hard work of every sales elite, the inseparable cooperation of the entire team, and the inseparable guidance of outstanding leaders who have been with you. In this lap, the Aishike team fought out its own momentum and style. The whole team is working hard, moving forward in the common direction and moving forward! Believe in the power of Aishic, believe in the power of all the soldiers of Aishike, face the difficulties, surpass yourself, and transcend everything! ! !
Come on, Aishe team! The goal of higher, the harder road, we can also win!
A drum and a good fight, go all out to love the world! ! !