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S-SHAPER cast excellent team to create brilliant business

shaper 2018-09-07 11:31:00

From July 27th to 29th, S-Shaper organized a three-day Xiamen team tour. This tour is the first time for the S-Shaper Shenzhen team and the Wuhan team. It is the company's humane care for the team work in the first half of the year, and also a new journey for the team work in the second half of the year.

On the morning of July 27th, everyone embarked on a journey with excitement. After four hours of travel, I was unknowingly fascinated by everyone’s laughter and laughter, and I was not tired.

   Out of the station, the warm and welcoming guide sister holding a colorful banner welcomes everyone to Xiamen, which is known as the "sea garden". Through the window of the bus, the blue sky and green grass are in sight, and the heart is refreshing.


In a short while, everyone successfully arrived at the first tourist site - Zeng Yi Fengqing Street. It is full of excitement, crowded people, all kinds of gourmet snacks, elegant and elegant jewelry, and fresh and unique personality.

Everyone walks together and travels through the alleys to enjoy the food and joy.

 The next day, after using the breakfast in a comfortable and warm hotel, everyone set off for the next site, the beautiful Gulangyu.

Looking out from the cruise ship, the waves of white flowers hit the hull, splashing clear waves, making people happy.


Stepping onto the island, despite the hot weather, the S-Shaper family is still full of energy, taking care of each other, cooling each other and strolling through the quaint streets.


All the way to enjoy the beautiful scenery and celebrities' former residence, everyone came to the fresh and comfortable shop to take a break, eat snacks and drink tea, relaxed and comfortable.


everyone came to the Gulangyu beach, the blue water and the blue sky and white clouds were connected in a line, which was vast and boundless. Everyone is playing at the beach, happy and happy.

     On July 29th, the last day of the S-Shaper team tour. Everyone takes a bus tour around the "Huandao Road", which is known as the Lovers Street. The island road is built by the sea, and the sea, the beach, the island reef and the sea view.

Afterwards, everyone arrived at Jimei School Village, the last stop of this group tour, to experience the culture of a hundred years, and to visit the Dragon Boat Pool and the returning hall of Mr. Chen Jiageng, who was praised by Chairman Mao as “the banner of overseas Chinese and the glory of the nation”.

Happy and beautiful team time always flies fast, and this time, the joyful Xiamen tour of the S-Shaper family has come to an end. During the trip, everyone enjoyed the beauty, experienced the food, felt the warmth and enthusiasm of the S-Shaper family, and greatly strengthened the core strength of the team. In the days to come, let us work together, make progress together, become more and more brave, and chase the best of ourselves at the best age! Come on, S-Shaper! Come on, everyone!