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Choose the right shapewear to make you invincible in shape and age obsessive

Hermès in the shaping category, S-SHAPER, has received a wave of feedback since its inception. The most attractive thing is that it has the effect of standing thin, healthy and shaping, and long-term wearing.

Shapewear originated in Europe, and the shape of the front and back of the ancient Europeans can all be attributed to the shapewear. Their fascination with body shaping clothes is no less than the obsession with small feet in ancient my country.

Shapewear is an invisible helper in the fashion industry. Maybe your figure is not enough to reach the standard of forward and backward curling, but as long as you wear a shapewear, it can help you shape your perfect figure.

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16th Century·Iron Body Shaper:
Fashionable European ladies often wear wraps to achieve a close-fitting corset, highlighting the effect of the chest. Queen Catherine, the queen of French King Henry II. In order to defeat the fairy-like little San Diana, the short and squat Queen Catherine once wore an iron body shaper made by a makeup artist. The waist circumference reached an astonishing 40 cm. What is your waist circumference? But Catlin's dream is 33 cm. In the end, Catlin gave birth to Henry II's first prince and secured the throne as queen of the French court.

18th Century·Whalebone Shapewear:
European aristocratic women made shapewear very popular for the beauty of slender waist and full buttocks. With the advancement of skills, hard and bendable whale bones and whale baleen were embedded in shapewear and panniers, and some were too tight. And the beauty who fainted.

19th Century·Rubber Shapewear:
The production of shaping underwear has undergone major changes. The eyelets on the underwear are replaced with metal rings, and Indian rubber and plastic have replaced whale bones as supporting materials. Remember that Vivien Leigh who fascinated all the men in Gone with the Wind? She was so charming only because of the sexy S-shaped lines constructed for her by the body shaper. The maid tied the straps behind the body shaper tighter at home. With the heartthrob with breasts, hips and slender waist in front of the gentlemen

Having a perfect figure and showing off a proud curve is the common dream and pursuit of women of different ages and regions. This dream was originally sweet and beautiful, but it was overshadowed by many examples of "dedicated" to the body. This is also a wake-up call for women who love beauty. Without health and life, all beauty is meaningless.

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21st Century · S-SHAPER Bodysuit

S-SHAPER brand shapewear is the dark horse of the plastic industry? As soon as it was launched, it won the reputation of Hermès in the shaping category. It completely got rid of the five major problems that are difficult to overcome in traditional shapewear: "tie, tie, tighten, press, and tighten". "Thin" is loved by consumers

The classic and alluring S-curve is the dream of every woman, and the appearance of S-SHAPER is the brightest light in a woman's eyes. S-SHAPER uses the fat-locking fabric imported from Germany, and the upper body becomes thinner in a second, and says goodbye to the fat on the belly! The visible shaping effect is thin when you wear it! The silk-like texture is tender and comfortable, and it is magical when you try it on.

The reason why every woman needs to wear S-SHAPER shapewear is because she is a functional shapewear that integrates back pulling, chest support, hip lift, and shaping. It can let you easily say goodbye to hunchbacks and collapsed hips. , Using the periodicity of fat memory, so that free fat can be returned to the correct position and locked.

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There is no difference in age for a woman of good figure
Put on silk kou, be a beautiful temperament
Choose the right shapewear to make your age obsessed
To lose weight, wear S-SHAPER shapewear