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The body sculpting waistband allows you to instantly regain a small "waist" and instantly

2021-08-26 11:15:38

A killer with a good body, a big belly says second, no one dares to say first. In real life, there are many people who look very thin, but they are fully exposed as soon as they sit down.
The big belly can't cover it! Just look at the girls in the office. Sitting and sitting, their stomachs are all turned into Michelin tires, and they are getting bigger every year.
In fact, sedentary waists really do not distinguish between male and female fat or thin...From office workers to students, from boys to girls, who is not a member of the "sedentary"?

The skirt I bought last year couldn't fit in this year. I took a deep breath and closed the zipper, squeezing the meat out, making my belly bigger.

"You look thin when you dress, and you have flesh when you take off your clothes" is the ideal state for a good figure. The Kardashian with a bee waist and hips is not because the skinny areas are thin, and the meaty areas are very fleshy.

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In May of this year, Kardashian attended the styling of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Prom, so that the editor found a good way to get her same hourglass figure-a waistband.

The female celebrities who have recovered incredibly easily after childbirth also use the waistband to adjust the excess meat! For example, the little S who has had 3 children and still has a hot body.

In fact, waist belts have been really hot in the past two years! It is also the new props used by beauties on the Internet to take photos. It can participate seamlessly in selfies, fitness, work, and shopping. It seems that no belt is not enough to talk about fashion.

Not only can the waist and abdomen be reduced, but it can also improve the damage caused by the wrong sitting posture, such as hunchback and lumbar disc herniation.

It can be said to be a sedentary nemesis. Among the many belts, we found this Kardashian S-SHAPER abdomen belt.

The reason for choosing it is that it can not only tighten the abdomen and stomach, but also tie the waist and back! It is super breathable without curling, which is a perfect artifact.

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1 second curve is instantly displayed! Scream with the effect of tightening cellulite!
Girls must be clear that it is not to reduce the number to lose weight, but to reduce the curve! When the waistband is worn, the curve is instantly visible! Looking at this curve, you will fall in love with such a slim self.

Many people worry that the waistband is a kind of "useful when put on, but flesh when you take it off".
This is not the case. The principle of the waistband is to change the local fat distribution and compress the volume of fat. It's like straightening your teeth with braces! Wearing it for enough time, after the corrective effect is achieved, it will not be beaten back to its original shape even if it is taken off.

This natural latex body shaping belt can be evenly distributed according to the body fat, and it will be tight after being put on, and evenly pressurized to lock the fat. Visible to the naked eye, the waist circumference will be reduced by 5cm after wearing it.

Start wearing for the first to two weeks, 2-4 hours a day is recommended
Challenge yourself in the third week, suggest 4-6 hours a day
In the fourth week, the posture changed, the hunchback changed, and the standing straighter
The waist circumference becomes smaller in the fifth week. Change to a smaller size according to the situation.
In the sixth week, cooperate with exercise, stick to it, exercise and eat healthy
Congratulations on the eighth week of the big day, the whole person is much lighter

After putting it on, your waist will appear in seconds, and your hips will stand up. Your own figure is completely under your control. After putting it on, you can control the expansion of your waist, tighten your waist and abdomen, and control your appetite.

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Upright posture, save the collapsed waist
In addition to waist reduction and fat burning, S-SHAPER's waist belt also has the function of a posture correction belt! It can improve poor sitting posture, prevent lumbar disc herniation, and also improve the "false belly" caused by anterior pelvic tilt

Tighten your abs, push your chest and waist. It can also repair the rectus abdominis separation caused by postpartum and help the uterus and other organs to be classified. Help with postpartum recovery and make the newly recruited mom a hot mom, with a body comparable to a college student who just graduated.
Regardless of the material, design or the experience effect of the upper body, S-SHAPER is a win, one wear for ten years! you deserve to have.