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Can sleep bras be worn daily? Is sleep underwear worth buying?

2021-09-08 11:05:31
What is sleep underwear

Sleeping underwear is a kind of underwear that has no steel ring, breast pads, or cups. It adopts a split design and uses tailoring technology to let the fabric cover the breasts separately. It looks like a small vest, but it's much less effective than the small vest! Small vests are generally worn by young girls who have just developed to help shape their development.

Although China factory ladies sleep bra does not have the design that ordinary underwear should have, it can fix the breasts. Generally, skin-friendly elastic fabrics are used to fix the breasts without restraining the breasts. However, sleep underwear has no supporting effect, that is, its force is around the breast, thus preventing the breast from running out, and it cannot drag the breast upward when standing.

Benefits of sleep bra

Generally speaking, when a person is lying down, the breasts will spread to both sides. It is easy to pull the skin of the chest and squeeze the underarms, especially for girls with big breasts. Drooping, which is also part of the reason for the formation of accessory breast and breast expansion. Sleep underwear can effectively avoid these problems,

Fully surround the chest to protect the breast shape. Moreover, after some naked sleeping girls wake up, they will find a sense of pressure in their chests and some pain in their chests. This is because our sleeping posture has been changing and our chests are compressed. However, sleep underwear can reduce skin stretching during sleep without a sense of restraint.

The difference between sleep bra and ordinary underwear

Many people think that the underwear worn for sleep is sleep underwear, or that the steel ring/thin cup underwear is sleep underwear. This may be the biggest misunderstanding of sleep underwear.

These are not sleep underwear, sleep underwear and ordinary underwear are used in different life scenes, corresponding to different directions of gravity. The main function of underwear is to support and protect the breasts, against the force of gravity, its force is to lift up; sleep underwear is to fix the breasts, so that the breasts will not run to the sides, its force is around the breasts.

Women’s Underwear supplier still has to perform its own duties, sleep underwear does the job, ordinary underwear really can't replace it. So don't worry about wearing sleep underwear, will it be uncomfortable to sleep, sleep underwear is not a restraint, you can say that you don't feel it when you get used to it.

Who needs to wear a sleep bra

If you are a girl below the D cup, with firm breasts and no external expansion, you don't need to buy sleep underwear, you can hardly feel its effect. If you are above the D cup, the breasts are soft, because the big breasts interfere with sleep, you need it.

Can a sleep bra be worn daily?

You can usually wear it, but you should wear it less, because it has a better gathering effect on the chest lying flat, and the gathering effect is not particularly good for the chest when standing.

Can a sleep bra be worn out?

Personally, I suggest not to wear a sleep bra to go out. It is OK to wear it occasionally, but not to go out for a long time. The function of a sleep bra is generally breathable and comfortable, not oppressive, and relatively poor in support. Wearing a sleeping bra when you go out for a long time can easily cause your chest to sag.

How to choose a sleep bra

1. No steel ring sleep bra

china Women’s Bra wholesales The front buckle no steel ring bra is soft and silky. Whether it is gloss, softness or moisture absorption, the dyeability is better than that of pure cotton. It has a pleasant soft touch and good durability.

2. Shaping sleep bra

The sexy lace perfectly sets off the gentleness of a woman, the powerful magic shaping cup makes you concave and proud of the lines, the lace is full of aesthetics, and the heightened side ratio can well condense the fat under the armpits. The comfortable bottom circumference beautifully supports the chest, bid farewell to sagging and outward expansion.

3. Full cup sleep bra

The full cup, as the name suggests, is a cup shape that can completely store the breasts. This cup shape is suitable for women with plump and soft breasts. Its strong supporting ability and better gathering ability can make the plump breast shape converge and concentrate, and get rid of the problems of sagging and outward expansion.