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Everyone in the autumn and winter must have a waistband | Behind the good-looking fat girls! S-SHAPE

2021-08-31 10:23:45

Who is S-SHAPER?

Speaking of S-SHAPER, I believe everyone is familiar with it.
I remember that when the S-SHAPER waistband was first released, it was really a man.
S-SHAPER is a local high-end body sculpting brand, and all body sculpting products insist on manufacturing and producing in its own factory (not using a foundry). They pay great attention to details, and insist that every corset is a boutique.

The charm and influence of a brand undoubtedly come from the image and quality of the brand. The S-SHAPER brand is such a representative high-quality brand. All online celebrities on major platforms, as well as domestic urban beauties, like to wear S-SHAPER on private clothes and red carpets. Because of the simple design and comfortable and effective wearing experience, it is really hard to be indifferent. !

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S-SHAPER's waistbands have been very popular all the time, and they are the invisible series. Why is it called an invisible model? Because the waist is mainly made of natural rubber, the ductility of the rubber fabric reaches 714%, the elongation at break is 774.59%, and the stretched state for 96 hours until the fracture deformation is at a very low value, which is 3.5 times higher than that of ordinary plastic products. Good fit for the waist, comfortable and fit, but also perfect for you to modify the waistline! To put it bluntly, it is to help you visually lengthen and straighten your waist, but it is easy to control even a very fat girl.

S-SHAPER is also very good at using color, the color on the waistband, in fact, can best express your careful thoughts when dressing. Especially the use of some color contrast in the matching is the fun of dressing.
Let the color of the waistband and the color of the lipstick match, and let the color of the waistband and the color of the clothes echo, seemingly random, but those who understand will know that you are good at wearing it!

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Behind the good-looking fat girl

Fitness is not for weight loss, fat girls are still beautiful! If you rely on the aesthetics of most people in the country, if a woman is 160 pounds, then her posture must be very ugly. Therefore, in this era of thinness as beauty, many women have to pursue beauty through various methods. Let your weight number be controlled at about 100 kg.

Plump and plump face is exquisite, it turns out that fat can also be beautiful!
Jerrys, weighing 165 kg, is an absolute heavyweight player.
In normal training, Jeris does not deliberately consume fat, her method is to consolidate fat training, wearing a waistband! This also allows her to maintain a very high muscle fat density even when she is high in weight.

Her flexibility is actually very strong. In her spare time, she is still an out-and-out yoga instructor. Long-term yoga training has brought her balance, stretchability, and flexibility to a culmination. And yoga training can help women promote endocrine regulation, and it also has a great effect on pleasure of the body and mind. At the same time, Jerrys also encouraged the fat girls to show their bodies.

Compared with those in the world, girls who think they are fat and ugly say
You must be confident, you must be super confident, confident girls are the most beautiful!

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We often say that the aesthetic and fashion tastes of the whole people need to be improved. In addition to self-learning and constant understanding, the efforts of fat girls cannot be ignored.

Today, when you choose a dress, a bag, and a waistband, in addition to the appearance, it is more of an expression of yourself. Every one of us faces countless choices every day. Behind these small “choices” should not be simple. They must include your hard work and understanding.

So for Jerrys, she never thinks that being thin is beautiful. Instead, she thinks that as long as she is healthy and energetic, she shows the unique charm of women. Therefore, her fitness secret is to focus on yoga and wear a waistband to shape her body and flexibility. , And then through limited training and diet to increase muscle density, so we look from the photo, although her fat, but the skin is very tight, and there is not a lot of fat, this is the saying that is fat but not greasy.