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Anti-vibration sports underwear, the whole body is ventilated, so comfortable that you don’t want to

2021-09-02 14:00:28
To say the most effective way to lose weight, it must be exercise. Whether it is a simple running yoga or a more intense HITI, the sisters are definitely inseparable from sports underwear.

Do you know why you must wear a professional sports vest when exercising?

Breasts are composed of skin, fibrous tissue, fat tissue, and breast. Due to the jitter of movement, the adipose tissue and breast are pulled and pulled. Over time, breast sagging will become more and more serious.

The underwear that I wear every day, because it is not shock-proof and not adequately wrapped, the chest fat sways violently up and down while running.

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In running sports, if you don't wear sports underwear, your breasts will swing involuntarily, causing permanent damage to the elastic fiber tissue in the breasts. Occasionally, strenuous exercise will make your breasts very painful, and long-term exercise will cause your chest to sag.

According to statistics, 50% of the women interviewed did not know that the violent shaking of the breasts during exercise would damage the elastic fiber tissue of the breasts, causing the breasts to sag.

Excessive exercise or careless wear of underwear during exercise may harm the breasts. People with large breasts will sag, and small breasts will become smaller and smaller.

  If the chest is not fixed during long-term exercise, it may cause a series of breast diseases.

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When women exercise, the excessive tremor of breast fat pulls the heart and the muscles around the heart, which leads to irregular activities of the heart muscle, which causes an invisible burden on the heart and may cause temporary arrhythmia!

In order to supply blood in a timely manner, the pressure on the heart will increase, coupled with the traction of the breast fat muscles, increase the pressure on the heart, which leads to cardiac dysfunction. After a long time, the pressure on the normal operation of the heart will be high!

What kind of sports underwear is more suitable for female friends to wear? It must be breathable, have a fixed effect and be comfortable and close to the body.

The most prominent advantage of nylon is that it has higher abrasion resistance than all other fibers, 10 times higher than cotton abrasion resistance, and 20 times higher than wool.
Adding nylon to the blended fabric can greatly improve its abrasion resistance. It won't burst the ball for a long time, and of course it won't shrink.

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Exercise always requires sweating, and there will always be a peculiar smell when sweating. In addition to the characteristics of breathability, water absorption, and quick drying, this sports underwear can also deodorize.

Thanks to the fabric of nylon water-soluble silk, it is woven from countless fine nylon threads. Each fine nylon thread exists independently and does not absorb odors.
If you want to be beautiful, don't miss these sports underwears. In addition to wearing a sun protection shirt for sports daily, they are also sexy and rusty.