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What cup bra do you like?

2022-04-28 19:03:47

The most common bra styles or styles in everyday bra buying habits are full cup, three quarter cup and half cup. So, what's your favorite cup? Today I will talk about the difference of different cups.

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1. Full Cup
When worn on the body, it can wrap the entire breast, especially the lateral lower position and the anterior median position closely fit the human body, which has a strong containment and compensation effect, and supports relatively more breasts. It is suitable for women with plump or soft breasts.

2. Half cup
The bra covers half of the breasts and has a slightly convex upper edge of the cups, suitable for young women with smaller breasts. The 1/2 cup is based on the full cup, retains the cup below to support the chest, and is decorated with lace on the chest, which is suitable for women with smaller breasts. Especially after the shoulder straps are removed, it can be worn with off-the-shoulder and low-cut clothes to look sexy.

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3. Three-quarter cup

After wearing the bra, it can cover 3/4 of the breast. The cup is inclined at a 45-degree angle, and the oblique cutting emphasizes the side pressure of the steel ring, so that the breast is supported and concentrated in the middle. 3/4 cups are widely used in bra design, with beautiful shapes and varied styles, especially the low-cut design in the front center, showing the delicate curves of women. 3/4 cup is the best style among the three types of bras. If you want to show the cleavage obviously, you must choose 3/4 cup. Fits any body shape. It is a relatively popular style, which can improve breasts and form cleavage, suitable for most women.

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