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What are the tips for buying pantyhose

S-SHAPER 2022-11-02 17:37:35

Pantyhose is an indispensable item in a girl's wardrobe, especially in winter, whether it is worn as long johns or used to match a small skirt, pantyhose is a fashion item that is warm and thin. But there are still many friends who say that they can't always buy the right pantyhose, and the pantyhose they buy will have problems such as shifting, pinching the waist, topping the foot, pilling, etc. Why is this?

Today, S-SHAPER shares the most important issues when buying pantyhose, hoping to help you buy the right pantyhose.


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1. Hand feel: It is required to be soft, free of moisture and sticky. Do not buy stiff and thick ones.

2. Smell: It is better to have no pungent odors such as kerosene and petroleum. If there is, it means that the quality is low and it is easy to itch the skin.

3. Appearance quality:

a) Clear texture, high density, smooth, no knots, broken yarns, spinning, missing needles, etc.

b) Fine workmanship, smooth and firm stitches, check the inside, and require that there are no lumps or residual threads in the contact part of the toes.

c) The dyeing is pure and uniform.


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4. Waist: Use combed rib, preferably with spandex and lycra fiber. The density should be high, and the light-pull resilience is better.

5. Choose the model with double-sided crotch, which has better stability and is not easy to fall off the crotch.

6. Check the elastic effect. It is required that there is no stretch mark and deformation after stretching. If there is, it cannot be purchased.

7. Put your hand into the trouser legs, spread your fingers apart, and observe the density of the pantyhose. It should be uniform, and the higher the density, the better.

8. High-quality products, the toe and heel of the socks are thickened and wear-resistant to ensure the durability of the socks.

9. Length: If the pantyhose is too short, it will not fit the crotch, which is very uncomfortable. It's too long and doesn't fit snugly, and it creases at the knees, which is not aesthetically pleasing. Buy the most suitable length according to your height.