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What are the functions of sports tights?

When exercising, it is necessary to choose clothes with breathable and sweat-absorbing properties, which can keep you comfortable for a long time during exercise. So, What are the functions of sports tights?

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1. Reduce muscle shaking

During exercise, there is bound to be muscle shaking, which consumes a lot of energy for the athlete. Especially long-term muscle shaking, the physical exertion is obvious, such as thigh muscle shaking during running or swimming.

Sports tights, which can tighten the muscles just right and reduce jitter. Putting on sports tights to run, you will immediately feel a sense of relaxation in your legs and become stronger, and the running process has become a lot easier.

2. Prevent inner thigh friction

Prevent inner thigh friction, which is especially important during long-distance running. For exercisers with thick legs or fat people, friction on the inner thighs when running is inevitable.

Friction in a short period of time will basically have no effect on running. However, if the friction time is too long, there will be discomfort or burning sensation in the light, and redness, blisters, and strong pain in the heavy skin. This potential sports injury can be avoided as long as the hem of the pant leg is sufficiently below the crotch, such as in five-point leggings.

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3. Rapid heat dissipation

The current sports tights fabrics are also very suitable for sports. The heat dissipation effect is good, and there will be no sticking to the skin after sweating, which can ensure the dryness of the skin surface and prevent sweat from staying for a long time.

4. Fashion and good-looking

In addition to meeting the functional needs of sports, sports tights can better reflect the beauty of the human body and show a good body line. Coupled with the fashionable and beautiful design of sports pants, it is also an important reason why many people like to wear sports tights.