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To clean underwear, you need to choose the correct cleaning method

2021-07-09 16:55:26
Underpants are more intimate clothing for everyone. There are actually many things to pay attention to when washing them. Today,  shared the methods and precautions for underpants washing taught by an internist. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.


Many people feel that hand washing is relatively clean when washing underwear. In fact, hand washing and machine washing have their own advantages and disadvantages. Hand wash, but the detergent used is not easy to rinse off; while machine wash detergent is easy to rinse off, but the cleaning is not thorough.

So whether it is hand wash or machine wash, it must be washed and rinsed thoroughly.

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To clean underwear, you need to choose the correct cleaning method

Everyone uses different cleaning methods to clean underwear. There are detergent cleaning, bleach cleaning, hot water boiling and so on. Now introduces several more practical ones:

1) Cleaning with detergent: It can be cleaned thoroughly, but the more stubborn stains cannot be cleaned thoroughly.

2) Cleaning with bleach: It can also remove yellow stains with sterilization effect, but the chloride in bleach is very irritating. Pay attention to the bleach residue, which is too irritating to private parts. pay attention. Be sure to rinse off.

3) Wash after boiling in hot water: This is more recommended. It is recommended to boil it in hot water for 15 minutes every time you wash your underwear. This will sterilize thoroughly and clean it better.

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Clean underwear should be separated from other clothes

Underpants are in close contact with special physiological parts and have special requirements for hygiene. If it is mixed with outer clothes, it is easy to spread pathogenic bacteria and pollution sources from the outside to the underwear.

Especially socks, they are very prone to mold. If they are washed with underwear, they will spread the mold to the underwear. Co-living members are likely to cause cross-infection because of the washing of clothes in a washing machine.

Wash underwear in time, don’t leave it overnight

Underwear should be washed in time. Do not let the underwear overnight, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria and increase the difficulty of cleaning. Moreover, the peculiar smell remaining in the underwear can easily attract some flying insects and other insects.

It is best to have a special basin or utensils for washing underwear
Because underwear is relatively close-fitting clothing, there are also special basins or utensils, especially for washing feet or other utensils that contain more bacteria-rich clothes. This can easily cause bacterial infection.

Girls’ underwear, especially girls’ underwear during menstruation, must be washed wellGirls in their menstrual period tend to get menstrual blood on their underwear. Rinse them with cold water when they first touch them.

Most of them can be washed off. However, if the blood stains are already dry, you can use hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the wound on them, and the blood stains can be effectively decomposed.

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The cleaned underwear must be fully exposed to the sun or high temperature for treatment

Ultraviolet rays are the best natural disinfection system. It is best to expose the cleaned underwear to the sun. If there is really no chance, it is recommended to use high temperature to treat, for example, ironing with an iron, drying with a dryer, or blowing with a hair dryer. Blow, let it not be damp.

Special reminder: underwear is not suitable for hanging in the bathroom.