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"千橙百圈3.0"Summary Conference

shaper 2018-08-22 10:57:27

The one-month Baoan Thousand Oranges 100 Rings ushered in the end. On September 30, 2017, S-Shaper held a summary meeting and awards ceremony for the company's internal 3.0 battle against the Orange.

one. Full of memories! A review of the battle.

We are the king's glory team! The war horn sounded and we struggled forward!

Battle report! Battle report! Battle report! On August 25th, the Eagles Corps, Shenzhen Aishike Clothing Co., Ltd. soldier Olivia won the first individual and the company's first single ¥340.68. After the warrior Olivia finishes the sunbathing, drumming to celebrate!

The soldier who did not complete the target of the day, took the initiative to be punished the next day! S-Shaper has a total advance and retreat!

The soldiers are not willing to lag behind, have won their first orders, and cheerfully drumming! To boost morale!


Every day, the soldiers and logistics personnel who have outstanding performance can participate in the lucky draw. Everyone holds small prizes, happy and confident!

The battles were full of smoke, and the soldiers were under pressure. S-Shaper organizes badminton matches. Let the soldiers sweat and release the pressure! Replenish energy! Continue to smash in the battlefield and go forward!

Full of energy! The battle report is constantly, the orders and the beauty are flying together, and the soldiers are breaking out in a small universe!

The situation continues to heat up, there are strong enemies before, and there are pursuers afterwards! We seize every opportunity and go all out! Customers come to visit and place an order on the spot! Pay 50% deposit (150,000 yuan), the total payment amounted to 300,000 yuan, giving us great support!

At the end of the battle, Louis encouraged the soldiers to continue to sprint! The soldiers responded enthusiastically and continued to struggle until the last moment. S-Shaper prepares delicious pizza for the hard-working soldiers, cheering for the soldiers!

The most powerful backing during the battle - S-Shaper and our logistics staff, silently dedicated, fully cooperate!

The end of the battle! Warrior Olivia became a million heroes, with a total order of 30 orders, amounting to 1.08 million yuan; Sara completed his personal goal, the total number of orders was 14 single, amounting to 400,000 yuan. Zhong Rong’s political commissar was meticulous and responsible, and became the “golden back” of everyone’s heart.

In this competition, we won three awards, namely: “The second highest performance growth rate”, “The second place in the RFQ transaction order”, Ashely's personal “Secret Master” award. These honours are hard to come by. We are proud of S-Shaper and proud. Aeschi is the best!

two. Surprise again and again! The award ceremony is a joy!

S-Shaper recognized the outstanding members of the competition and expressed their expectations for the future.

Commendation of the members' award speech: Thanks to the company for giving us the opportunity to participate in the 100-a-half circle, let us benefit from it and grow. We will sum up the lessons and do not forget the original heart! Go forward!

Medals, pure gold souvenirs, and Money Money Money are all available! The harder, the more fortunate!

National Day Mid-Autumn Festival, all members enjoy S-Shaper's Mid-Autumn Festival benefits, happy, happy, warm heart!

three. Looking to the future, grow together!

In the course of the lap, the biggest enemy is not your competitor, but ourselves. I hope that you will not forget your heart, sum up your experience and learn the lesson! Always remember, S-Shaper is your strong backing, grow with you! Go forward!

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