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"Slim Arm Sleeve" for efficient thin arms and beautiful back

2021-10-13 11:51:27
The breaking of the upper arm is a problem that many beautiful people are very concerned about. In winter, long-sleeved clothing can be used to cover it, but in spring and summer, the clothing is gradually changed to short-sleeved or sleeveless styles. If you want to cover your arms, dress The style will be much more limited.

Usually there is broken meat on the upper arm, and the back will be thicker. As the saying goes: "The back is one inch thick, and the person is three years old." The whole person looks prone to old and fat. If you want to make your upper body lighter, you must not miss this good thing-S-SHAPER Slim Arm Sleeve!

The China Arm shapers Factory are stylish and simple in design, just like wearing a light and close-fitting cuteness, which can be easily integrated into all kinds of daily clothing collocations, and you will instantly look thinner when you put them on! The seamless and breathable fabric is light and soft to the touch. , The honeycomb-type breathable mesh on the fabric is like a fiber that can breathe, quickly and evenly wicks sweat without being stuffy, the skin can be kept dry and comfortable, and sensitive muscles can also be worn with confidence. Tailored to the beauty of the body, not to worry about squeezing the meat.

   China Arm Sleeves for Women Manufacturer Don’t look at her small one, the function is very powerful! The beautiful back of the slim arms and the compact woven structure give the fabric excellent elasticity. The proper pressure shaping allows the fat to return without burden, so that the arms are well-proportioned and tight, and the back is kept upright and not easy to hunch.

To create a beautiful breast, the U-shaped three-dimensional tailoring can cover the breast and focus on the breast shape. It can be matched with any style of bra at will. The bottom edge of the double-layer fabric design makes it more stable to wear.

   When I put on the sleeves, I feel that the upper body of the whole person is a size smaller! The shape of the cut is so powerful that it can easily and comfortably achieve the sculptural effect without passing through any fish-bone steel straps.

Except for the beauties who want to lose their arms, many pregnant moms start to wear sleeves during pregnancy and wear them all the way to after delivery. During pregnancy, due to various changes such as hormones, increased secretion of estrogen and progesterone, the upper arms gradually became fleshy and the breasts began to become fuller. Wearing a sleeve can not only prevent the arm fat from growing arbitrarily, but also lift the breasts. Avoid sagging.