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Principles of choosing men's underwear

2022-03-15 18:06:47
Improper wearing of men's underwear can easily lead to damage to the private parts, so not only women, but also the choice of men's underwear is very particular, especially the choice of sports underwear.

Applying sunscreen and sunscreen for outdoor sports has become a basic course for sports men, but the places that cannot be exposed to the sun cannot be forgotten corners. In intense outdoor sports, the parts closest to the skin of the body are most afraid of being "taken care" by sweating for a long time, so the key to the choice of men's underwear is perspiration and ventilation. A pair of cotton sweat-wicking sports underwear is essential.

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Choose sports-specific underwear specially designed for sports players. This underwear is supported by a three-dimensional cut triangle cup in the genital area, and there is an elastic band on the left and right to support the genital organs. This design reduces body friction and facilitates perspiration.

In addition to sports underwear, you can also choose specialized cooling underwear. This kind of underwear has a layer of heat-dissipating fabric, which has a cooling effect and can keep the body fresh to the greatest extent.

For men, the biggest advantage of three-point underwear is that it can completely fix their private parts. However, this tight "bandaging" function often leads to a greatly weakened temperature regulation function of the testis, and the ambient temperature around the testis increases, hindering the spermatogenesis of the testis. Coupled with a blocked blood supply, the fragile sperm will be devastated, seriously jeopardizing fertility, and disabling the ability of fellow males to be fathers. Therefore, for men, especially those with testicular disease, it is forbidden to wear them.

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S-Shaper Men's Negative Ions Underwear, the panties light waves that are equivalent to morning sunlight, provide a therapeutic effect of up to 10-15cm to internal organs, vibrate blood molecules and promote blood circulation to the male reproductive organs. negative Ions restore the elasticity of blood vessels and regenerate damaged cells. Atomic antioxidant atoms supply air in the Vital area, protect it from free radicals and sources of disease while pushing and repairing damaged organs or parts.