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Precautions for cleaning sportswear

2022-03-23 18:43:40

It is easy to sweat after exercising. Sweat stains on clothes, which is easy to produce sweat stains. If the stains are not cleaned, it is easy to produce sweat odor. Therefore, the sooner the clothes are washed after sweating, the better. So what do you need to pay attention to when cleaning sportswear?

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1. Soak the sportswear for 20-30 minutes first. If you want to wash off the sweat better, we can drop a small amount of laundry detergent for cleaning.
2. During the cleaning process, if you find that there are stains on the clothes, you can use soap to clean the clothes. Soap has a strong decontamination ability.
3. When cleaning sportswear, it is best to rub lightly instead of vigorously scrubbing. Because the material of sportswear will be shaved and the thread will be lifted, which will reduce the wearing time of sportswear.
4. After exercising, be sure to wash in time to avoid overnight washing. Washing on the same day will reduce the difficulty of washing and prevent sweat stains from completely penetrating into the fibers of the clothing.
5. Most sportswear can be machine washed. Of course, if the clothing label indicates that it is not machine washable, it should be avoided and kept away from any cleaning equipment.
6. After washing, clothes should be dried in a ventilated place in time. Avoid the growth of bacteria on the clothes due to the humid environment, resulting in odors and mildew spots on the clothes. If you use a dryer, set a low temperature when drying clothes, do not use desiccant, which will damage the fabric of the clothes.

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