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How to judge the life of underwear

S-SHAPER 2022-07-04 11:39:10

Whether you wear an underwire bra or a non-wire bra, you should replace it regularly, and the recommended time of use is about three months. Many people will have doubts, three months of underwear has not been worn a few times, and it is not much different from the new underwear. It is a pity to throw it away, should it really be thrown away? How to tell if bra should be changed?



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First of all, the recommended three months refers to the number of days that a piece of underwear is used. Normally, a piece of underwear will have different degrees of aging after about 90 days of use. At this time, it is time to replace the underwear. So, what are the signs of aging?

1. Underwear straps are loose
The shoulder straps of underwear are elastic and have the function of lifting and fixing the underwear. If the shoulder straps of the underwear are still loose and slipped no matter how they are adjusted, this is a sign of the aging of the shoulder straps, and new underwear should be replaced in time.

2. The bottom circumference of the underwear becomes loose

The bottom circumference of the underwear itself is also elastic to a certain extent, and is mainly responsible for providing support for the chest. If you feel that the bottom circumference is loose when you buckle it to the inside, and raising your hand will cause the whole underwear to move up, it means that the underwear should also be replaced.



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3. Underwear steel ring deformation

If the underwire is exposed, the bra must be thrown away immediately. In addition, if it is found that there is obvious discomfort when wearing the underwear steel ring, and the underwear steel ring has obvious deformation, this underwear should be eliminated immediately. If the naked eye cannot directly judge, you can lay the underwear on the table top, and part of the steel ring lifts up from the table top, indicating that the steel ring has been deformed.

4. Underwear cup deformation

Generally speaking, if there are visible folds and depressions on the cup surface, and the cover appears loose and loose, and the chest cannot be lifted after wearing, it means that the material of the cup has been damaged and deformed.



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5. Underwear fabric aging
After repeated cleaning, some underwear fabrics, especially the lining of the cups, will age and harden, pilling, discoloring, yellowing and moldy. If you continue to wear such underwear, it will be very bad for the chest skin, and will cause allergies in severe cases itching.