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How to choose a sports compression bra?

S-SHAPER 2022-08-24 15:41:41

When choosing a sports bra, it is necessary to consider its protective effect and sports comfort at the same time, and the following two factors should be considered comprehensively.


1. According to the different fitting strengths, sports bras can be divided into three types: low-strength support sports underwear, medium-strength support underwear and high-strength support underwear.

The level of fit depends on the intensity of the exercise and the size of the cup. The greater the intensity of the exercise, the larger the cup, and the higher the support requirements for sports bras.



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2. According to the style of sports bra cups, it can be divided into compression sports bra and support sports bra.


Compression sports bra: Made of elastic material, it reduces breast movement by compressing the breast as a whole against the sternum. It has no cups and is generally suitable for women with smaller breasts and low exercise intensity.

Compression cup one-piece bra: This bra can effectively limit the shaking of the chest when exercising, and is more suitable for high-intensity exercise or women with large breasts.



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Support sports bra: similar in structure to everyday bras, with two independent cups wrapping the breasts, respectively supporting the breasts upwards and pressing them against the breasts, limiting the movement of the breasts in all directions, providing better support, generally suitable for Women with larger breasts who exercise more intensely.