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How soon can I wear shapewear after giving birth?

2022-04-11 18:45:32

1. Do not wear it immediately after giving birth

It is not recommended to wear corsets within 42 days after caesarean section. Usually, it is judged whether or not to wear corsets according to the recovery within 3 months after delivery. If the mother recovers well and takes care of herself completely, and there is no symptoms such as palpitation, shortness of breath, or suffocation, you can choose appropriately Wear shapewear. However, each person's physique is different and the recovery time is also different, depending on their own recovery situation.

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2. You must wait until the wound heals before wearing it

Caesarean section should wait for the wound to heal before wearing it. Whether it is a natural birth or a caesarean section, it is better to wait until the lochia has been discharged before wearing a shapewear. During the confinement period, first use a belly wrap to lift and return the internal organs that have fallen during pregnancy. Don't rush to wear a shapewear immediately after giving birth, so as not to cause more oppression and discomfort to the internal organs that have not been revived.

3, pay attention to choose a shapewear with good material

Postpartum new mother's pelvis expands, and fat accumulates in abdomen, buttocks, thighs and other parts! The skin is sagging and sagging, and the body shape is out of shape. The special shapewear can not only prevent the sagging of abdominal internal organs and help the uterus recover, but also help the pelvis to shrink, and the body shape gradually To restore the prenatal state, so new mothers should choose a set of postpartum special shapewear with excellent elasticity, lightness, breathability and comfort when choosing a shapewear.

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4. Choose a shapewear that is comfortable and fits well

Do not choose too tight shapewear, because it is easy to cause pressure on body organs, and it is also not conducive to postpartum recovery.

Note: Measure your body shape before purchasing, and choose the right size. Too tight shapewear will be uncomfortable due to too much pressure, and even cause edema due to lymphatic compression. In addition, the one-piece shapewear will work better.