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How can shapewear match the wedding dress perfectly?

2021-09-14 10:35:53
Before taking a wedding photo, the new couple will be familiar with the bride’s wedding dress selection skills, and then choose the wedding dress they like to take a wedding photo. It is very important to choose a wedding dress, and it is also very important to choose the soul underwear of the wedding dress.

Only when the underwear and the wedding dress are well matched can a perfect wedding photo be taken. So how does the body shaping underwear match the wedding dress perfectly? Let's take a look now.

How to match the body shaping underwear with the wedding dress

1. Strapless shapewear + tube top wedding dress

The strapless shapewear is suitable for all kinds of wedding dresses with tube tops. China Seamless Shapewear Manufacturer should pay attention to the height of the front chest and back, which cannot exceed the height of the wedding dress. It would be embarrassing if the body shaping underwear was exposed from the edge of the wedding dress.

Second, seamless body shaping underwear + slim wedding dress

Seamless body shaping underwear is the best partner for self-cultivation wedding dresses. When choosing, pay attention to the smooth and natural waist line. This kind of body shaping underwear can ensure the uprightness of the upper body and has a strong self-cultivation effect. It is most suitable to wear a small tail and mermaid skirt wedding dress.

Three, seamless cup shapewear + light fabric wedding dress

The biggest advantage of seamless shapewear is that there are no obvious seams, which is very suitable for light and thin wedding dresses. Shapewear with cups generally have shoulder straps to help fix the breast shape, and it is best not to remove them. So wear a seamless cup shaper and match it with a wedding dress with a front placket.

Four, trousers + slim dress

The trousers are divided into long trousers, middle trousers and short trousers. The smooth and patternless styles are basically used to match slim evening wear to avoid revealing traces of underwear in the close-fitting evening wear.High waist Seamless Underwear wholesales It can also modify the lines of the lower body, extending from the waist to the abdomen, hips and thighs.

Matters needing attention when choosing underwear:

1. Avoid underwear with shoulder straps

No matter how stable the shoulder straps are, there is a possibility of shifting and falling off of the shoulders. On weekdays, the "exhaustion" is small, and it is too embarrassing and regrettable to "show off" in front of many guests on the big happy day. The "stroke" caused by the shoulder strap is the most detrimental to the beauty.

2. Carefully choose underwear with complex colors and patterns

Colored underwear, even the light-colored series, will cause color loss under sunlight and spotlight. The complex patterns will destroy the thin and transparent fabrics and light lines of the wedding dress itself.butt lifter thigh trimmer manufacturer

3. Carefully choose over-tight underwear

After the bride’s diet before marriage, coupled with the busy schedule of the wedding day, she does not care about diet to supplement her physical strength. If she wears overly tight underwear, it is easy to cause hypoxia and fainting.

Taking wedding photos is a very happy thing. Wedding photos can well witness the beautiful love of couples. Everyone wants their wedding photos to be perfect. The choice of underwear in wedding photography is very important.