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Does the waist really work?

2021-06-23 17:13:42
First of all, I want to make it clear that a waistband is not a weight loss product! ! But it can help lose weight and help shape your body.

Some misunderstandings and rumors about the waistband, I want to say

1. Many users have bought a waistband for a few days and feel that it has no effect. I want to say that a waistband is not a magical medicine. It can be thin with one belt. How is it possible that a waistband is not directly related to weight loss! Only by shaping or with aerobic ➕ waist and abdomen training method ➕ diet can the desired effect be achieved!

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2. Girdle can help you stabilize the lumbar spine and correct your posture.

3. Promote postpartum repair. Regardless of whether it is a cesarean section or a normal delivery, the rectus abdominis will be separated during pregnancy, the core strength after delivery is poor, and the waist and abdomen will have fat.

4. Does wearing a waistband weaken your waist and abdomen? If you use it for a long time, the answer is yes, then you don’t take it often and it’s over.

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5. Affect internal organs. Long-term wear will squeeze the internal organs. The same as the previous article, as long as you don’t wear it for a long time, it’s okay. So how long is the most suitable time to wear it usually 3 to 4 hours a day. If you have the habit of fitness, you only need to wear it during the fitness time.

I have the habit of fitness myself, but the waist shape is still quite ugly, including the fat on the abdomen, every time I take a photo, I will deliberately block it with my hands. In fact, I also train the abdomen, but the effect is not so easy to come out, especially the waist shape! ! Tell me how to lose weight quickly! After practicing for a period of time, it feels more difficult than practicing. Wearing a fitness waistband for training will make your waist-to-hip ratio look better.

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Therefore, a waistband will indeed bring a great effect to your fat reduction and shaping. The premise is to cooperate with fitness or aerobics. If you don’t have time to go to the gym, then train at home. Wearing a waistband will also reduce your diet. If you want to change or have a good figure, then take action and persistence will definitely bring you not only the effect but also your perseverance, cheering everyone!