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Your leggings should be thrown away! It’s too fashionable to wear this way!

2021-10-22 16:36:31

Guessing it blindly, do you have such an experience and carefully purchased a series of autumn clothes. As soon as the temperature cooled down, you realized that what you were short of was actually a pair of leggings?

No matter how nice the little skirt is, bare legs can't stand it when the cold wind blows.

Although they look like ordinary black leggings, they actually look quite different when worn, mainly in these 5 directions:

● Warmth retention
● Fit
● Flexibility
● Simulation Index
● Warmth retention

Meet different temperature requirements

When fairies buy leggings, they often see options like 80D and 100D. The D number actually represents the thickness.
The larger the D number, the thicker it will be, and the natural warmth will increase accordingly. The smaller the D number, the more obvious the meat will be.
In autumn, 60-80D is generally sufficient, and in winter, it is more suitable for 100D or more.

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The degree of fit mainly depends on the wrinkles on the instep and knees, and whether there are problems with falling gears and top feet.

In the case of natural wear, it is inevitable that there are some wrinkles in the bend, which is an inevitable problem for every legging.

The position of the buttocks is also designed with a 3D lifting and three-dimensional buttocks design, which makes it easy to get the "peach buttocks".

Tolerant of all shapes

Leggings that are too tight are easy to be uncomfortable, and it is simply torment after a day. If they are too loose, they appear to be procrastinated and fatter, and the warmth retention effect is greatly reduced, so moderate elasticity is very important.

With the elasticity in place, the tolerance for the figure is naturally high. With the high waist design, it can just wrap the excess fleshy feeling in the abdomen, and the slimming effect is good enough to fly.

The key is that after putting it on, it is as comfortable as if it is not worn. The segmented pressure design makes it particularly convenient to put on and take off, with full marks!

Simulation Index

Easily create nude skin

The simulation index mainly examines two aspects:

1. Black leggings: whether matte

2. Skin color leggings: whether it is natural or not

Many leggings on the market will be blended with white spandex yarn. They look the same when they are laid out. They are exposed after being stretched. Walking in the sun makes people unable to ignore them.

The proper matte fabric has a high-quality texture and comes with special effects for beautifying and slimming.

And whether the bare leg artifact is "naked" or "prosthetic", it is very important to choose the right color number.

S-SHAPER first corrects a misunderstanding. The light leg artifact is not as white as possible. Once the color is too light, it will attract the attention of others when it goes out. It is the same as the color of the foundation, fake white!

The darker color is more natural, and there will be no obvious sense of prosthesis

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Finally, when choosing leggings, it is important to see whether the ball will pilling after long-term wear.

After all, no matter how well you wear leggings, you have to wear it several times, and have experienced the violent rubbing of a washing machine, and you can guarantee that it won't deform and can't afford the ball in order to score high.

It is made of high-density and compact material, which is extremely durable. It can be rubbed and rubbed by any sharp tool, and it will not spin and pilling. It is easy to wash by hand and machine, so you can wear it with ease!

The matching of leggings

Leggings are not just long trousers, they also pay attention to skills in matching.

When wearing black leggings, you must pay attention to the overall sense of extension, it is best to match the overall same color system, not only the visual sense is harmonious, but the leg length is also further extended.

If you don’t believe me, look at an example. Leggings are paired with small black boots vs. small white shoes. The black and white color cut off the overall leg shape at once, which is much shorter. Black boots and black pants look more advanced.

Knock on the point, the same color of shoes and socks is very important.

The bare-legged artifact King Fried CP is a long boot, S-SHAPER likes to wear it like this, the small area is better looking, and it won't feel inconsistent in winter.

If the fairy bought a light-legged artifact that stepped on thunder, this way of dressing can also save it.