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Can deformed underwear recover?

2022-05-17 16:47:11

The reason why underwear is deformed is related to the user. In life, many girls wash their bras more casually, and then there is a problem: the underwear has been deformed after wearing it twice. If you use the correct cleaning, drying and storage methods, you can Slow down the rate of deformation of the underwear, thereby extending the life of the underwear. For underwear that has just appeared deformed, it can also be corrected by correct cleaning and drying, so as to restore it to its original state as much as possible. So, how should it be handled correctly?

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1. Cleaning

When washing underwear, the water temperature should not be too high. It is advisable to wash by hand in warm water. The movements should be gentle, especially the parts that are easily deformed, and do not rub vigorously. If the underwear is marked as machine washable, then it is best to put the underwear into the net pocket and then wash it, and the cleaning time should not be too long, otherwise it will be easily deformed.

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2, drying

First, use a dry towel to absorb the moisture on the underwear, and then dry it. Do not wring it out by hand, otherwise the underwear will be deformed. At the same time, do not hang the shoulder straps of the underwear directly on the clothes drying hook, otherwise the weight of the underwear will stretch the shoulder straps. Some female friends like to dry their underwear directly, which is not advisable. It is easy to deform the underwear, especially silk underwear. Do not dry or expose it to the sun.

3. Storage

The reason why the underwear is deformed is also related to the user's storage method of the underwear. Therefore, if you want to keep the underwear from being deformed, you must adopt the correct storage method. If it is an underwear with a steel ring, it must be placed flat and not folded. If it is a rimless underwear, it can be folded and stored.

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Generally, the life of underwear is 3-4 months, and it must be replaced after the time is exceeded. Otherwise, the underwear will be deformed, bacteria and other problems will occur, which will affect the development of the chest and is not conducive to women's health.