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Why is the sale of adjusted underwear so hot in recent years?

In the past two or three years, adjustable underwear has suddenly emerged, which has swept the attention of all female compatriots and has become a popular product among women's consumer goods.

But what exactly is "adjustable underwear"? Why do you need to wear adjustable underwear? Where are the functions of adjustable underwear? Various questions like this can't help but make people curious.

In fact, the birth of adjustable underwear is really a product of the trend of the times. When the quality of human life has improved to a certain level, the functional requirements for commodities have also been relatively improved.

Therefore, in addition to covering the body and keeping warm, anti-ultraviolet materials have also been developed for the clothes. In addition to being modified and beautiful, the stockings are also required to prevent varicose veins, and even add fruit acid, vitamins, etc., compared with women's body curve Expected, adjustable underwear can better meet the needs of women. 

Simply put, the invention of adjustable underwear is a scientific and technological product developed by bringing together the principles of medicine, lipology, ergonomics and professional underwear design.

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Because it has undergone precise calculation and design, it can maintain and adjust the body, concentrate and fix the fat, and straighten the spinal cord, and correct the posture. The difference between it and ordinary underwear is that ordinary underwear only faithfully wears your original body shape. Adjustable underwear can make modifications and creations for people with unsatisfactory figures, and enable people with ideal figures to continue to maintain a beautiful figure. 

When it comes to adjusting underwear, it is natural to understand what an adjusting underwear is. Adjustable underwear is also a functional underwear in the shop. That woman doesn't want to have exquisite curves, but does the adjustable underwear really have this function:  You have a long-term wearing ring, after removing it, it will produce thinner ring marks experience, right? ! The part where the ring is worn for a long time will be thinner. Just like a fracture, the part where the cast is removed after a month or two will become thinner!  

This is the principle on which the adjustable underwear is based-fat displacement. In terms of ergonomics, especially for women with fatter areas, fat is basically movable. Therefore, after wearing the correct adjustment underwear for a period of time, if the body shape also has this phenomenon and the weight does not change, this The situation is a typical fat shift.
An enviable figure actually requires a correct guidance during the developmental period; the correct wearing of underwear can make the breast shape more beautiful, and can also guide and protect the normal development of the skeleton, and prevent the bending of the skeleton. 

Our measurements are affected by the aging of muscle tissue and gravity. As we age, we will experience elastic fatigue, slackness and sagging. The most obvious changes are the sagging of breasts and buttocks, and the sagging of the waist and abdomen muscles. Among them, women's breasts droop the most...on average, they sag about 20 degrees every ten noon.
There is no innate hanger in the world. Almost everyone has body troubles; people with swollen glands and thin flats need external force to adjust.

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Functional underwear uses elastic materials to burn and consume a portion of the excess fat using the natural rhythm of the body, and then presses and pushes it to the breasts and buttocks separately by the principle of fat movement to modify the perfect curve.

For people who are thin and flat, it is more necessary to use the principle of fat migration to concentrate the fat on the armpits, back and lower abdomen on the chest, and lift and fix the fat on the root and outside of the thighs to the buttocks to create exquisiteness. A chic figure. 

In terms of human physiology: whether the skeleton and spinal cord are upright or not is the basis of posture and curve. Functional underwear can strengthen the bones and solve the basic problems of posture. 

The shape of the human body is roughly supported by muscles and bones, and the spinal cord plays an important role in neurotransmission.

Once the spinal cord is bent, it will undoubtedly affect the normal operation of nerves and veins deeply. Therefore, headache, shoulder pain, tinnitus, and all kinds of discomfort caused by endocrine disorders will all appear one by one.

Recently, the widespread phenomenon of scoliosis and deformation of the spinal cord at home and abroad has aroused the attention of the medical community, and they have explored methods of prevention and relief.

Therefore, at the beginning of the design of the adjustable underwear, the most precise consideration was made with the theory of ergonomics, strengthened and corrected the support of people and virtually eliminated the occurrence of chronic diseases.
As for the psychological aspect: when wearing functional underwear, you will naturally lift your head and shrink your abdomen, and the curve will be revealed. The young Baixin on the outside will infect the inside, and not only will he have a healthy physiology but also a healthy psychology.