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How to wear tight underwear correctly?

2022-04-01 19:15:15

Wear a corset with a body-shaping effect when you need to match it with a dress or sexy outfit. It can easily achieve the effect of tightening the waist, lifting the hips, and lifting the chest, so how to wear it correctly?

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1. After putting on the bra, fold the shapewear from inside out to the waist of the shaper, like a pair of shorts.
2. Put your feet into the body shaper tube, and slowly pull up to the buttocks from bottom to top, so that the buttocks are completely covered.
3. Slide the right palm down to 2/3 of the thigh along the outer side of the thigh, wrap the palm back to the inner thigh, and push the inner thigh fat up to the right buttocks (the same steps on the left and right are performed again).
4. Pull up the upper body part of the shapewear again, and put the shoulder straps into the arms on both sides. If there are buttons or zippers, please adjust the length of the shoulder straps according to your personal comfort synchronously.
5. Straighten your body, use the palm of your hand and the tiger's mouth from the back to the armpit to the edge of the cup, put the exposed flesh into the cup, and finally fold the lower edge of the chest up into the cup.
6. Try to squat several times to confirm whether the midline behind the buttocks is in the correct position and the crotch is close to the bottom, then adjust the trouser legs (feet), and check whether the shapewear is flat or not.

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