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How to choose a sports bra that suits you

2021-06-08 16:18:18
In recent years, more and more women have fallen in love with sports and fitness for a better figure, lifestyle, and healthier body. But many girls who have just started to work out, or even girls who have been working out for a while, don't know how to choose a sports underwear that suits them. There are also some girls who feel that their breasts are not full enough and do not need to wear sports underwear. (china sports bra  Manufacturer

First of all, it is definitely wrong not to wear sports underwear. On the one hand, sports underwear can absorb shocks and support high strength to prevent the chest from sagging due to exercise; on the other hand, sports underwear is particularly breathable, and it is easy to flow during exercise. Sweat, so you must wear sports underwear when you exercise, it has nothing to do with the size of your breasts.

So how do you choose a sports underwear that really suits you?

1. Fabric

It is easy to sweat during exercise, and the breathability of the fabric must be good, so as to wick away sweat in time and not make the body feel boring.

The fabric must be soft and comfortable to the touch so that it won't rub the skin.

When choosing, you can pay attention to whether there is a mesh design. A mesh design is generally better for perspiration and breathability.

2. Size

Sports underwear that is too tight will not only affect the exercise, but Kenneng will feel pain. Sports underwear that is too loose can not wrap and fix the chest, and it will easily cause chest damage. (china sports bra wholesales

Sports underwear is also available in sizes such as S/M/L. Generally speaking, for better wrapping, the size of sports underwear may be smaller. You can choose according to your own situation.

Some people will have questions, and sometimes they will encounter one-size sports underwear, how about this? Generally speaking, this kind of advice is not recommended. It is best to consult clearly whether it is suitable for your own situation.

3. Structure
Sports underwear is supportive, but support is also divided into different degrees, so according to your type of exercise, you need to choose different supportive sports underwear. For example, you need to wear high-strength underwear for running and playing ball, while moderate-strength sports underwear is enough for yoga and stretching.

Of course, with the advancement of technology, many sports underwear incorporate higher technology, and will be adjusted according to the state of exercise, which is more suitable for various sports.

4. Style

In addition to the above three points, the style of sports underwear is also very important. In addition to choosing the style you like, it is more important to see whether the overall fits the skin. The shoulder straps of underwear should be wider to reduce pressure and fit the skin, which can reduce slack and provide better support.

Many women neglect sports underwear and are more willing in bags, lipsticks, and cosmetics. In fact, sports underwear is even more important. It is related to the health of our breasts.

The last thing to mention is that sports underwear (not only sports underwear, but also ordinary underwear) does not have a long lifespan. As the number of cleanings increases, its elasticity and support will weaken, usually about a year. If you feel that the sports underwear has no support, weakened elasticity, etc., even if it is new~

Nowadays, sports underwear are getting better and better. I often see many young ladies as fashion items, and they have different aesthetic feelings~
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