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How often should bra be changed?

2021-02-05 15:20:38

Not only need to be careful about the choice of underwear, but also change it in time, because women’s underwear will absorb a lot of washing powder and liquid detergent residue after wearing it for a long time, Otherwise It will become a breeding ground for mites.So, how often should underwear be changed? Generally speaking, the use of underwear is about 100 times. According to wearing once every three days, underwear should be changed after a year at most.

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When wearing underwear, if the following situations occur, it means that the underwear should be replaced

1.Supporting and wrapping strength Insufficient
After the underwear is worn out, the fabric will become poor and uncomfortable to wear. More importantly, the underwear will become loose after being worn for a long time, and it has lost its due effect and function. The underwear is not only covering the body. An important part of the fabric, it can prevent many breast problems, such as sagging breasts, external expansion, and hyperplasia of underarm fat. If the underwear loses its supporting and wrapping power, it is just a piece of ordinary fabric, which has no effect at all. Therefore, when the supporting and wrapping strength is insufficient, the underwear should be replaced.

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2.The breast cup often moves up

Have you ever had this experience when wearing underwear? When you first wear underwear, it is still very good and comfortable. After a while, I found that when you raise your hand, the breast cup of the underwear seems to follow you. It’s very uncomfortable and I really want to correct it by hand. If there is no problem with correcting by hand at home, but it will be embarrassing to adjust the underwear in public. At this time, the underwear is reminding you to buy a new one. Up.

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3. The shoulder strap often slips

When wearing underwear, the shoulder straps always slide down disobediently. This is also an embarrassing thing in summer. The shoulder straps often fall because you have not adjusted the length of the shoulder straps, even if it is too loose. It is also possible that you wear underwear for a long time, which causes the tightness of the underwear to be lost, so the shoulder straps often slip down. If you still slip down after adjusting, then you have to change underwear.

4.The bra upper edge of the is too wide or too tight

This is the case when you choose a large or small size when you choose underwear. Once this happens, you must go to the underwear store to buy new underwear. Choose underwear according to your size.