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The slim shaping underwear can hide the big belly in 1 second and create a peach buttocks!

Weight loss can be said to be the great cause of most women. Who does not want to have a flat belly, slender waist, slender legs and tall peach buttocks, walking in the crowd is simply the focus of everyone's attention!

Tight and sexy, with full waist and hip lines, it looks young and energetic, and looks good when you wear it! Unfortunately, such a figure always belongs to others.

And you, sitting for a long time at work and class, lying on the sofa and watching drama during vacations, sitting for a long time with poor blood circulation, leading to edema, fat accumulation, and a pinch of belly is fat!

Sitting for a long time can also cause the ass to squeeze and deform, and the ass becomes flat and ugly!

The fat from the buttocks is squeezed onto your thighs, which can also cause false hip width! It was originally a golden ratio figure, once there is a fake hip width, it looks like a five-to-fifth short leg!

There is another kind of pain for women-the postpartum figure is out of shape. The belly is stretched during pregnancy, the pelvis is shifted, and various hormone disorders make it even more difficult to recover.

Especially after a woman is 25 years old, estrogen decreases, metabolism slows down, and the chance of getting fat increases by 25%~40%.

She shouted every day to lose weight, but there was no effect; diet and medicine to lose weight are too harmful to the body. How can I easily have a good figure?

High Waist Butt Lifter Shorts Manufacturer This sculpting underwear is a product created by S-SHAPER. After more than 2,000 postpartum pregnant mothers, white-collar workers and ordinary women have been investigated, after thousands of tests and more than a year of experience tracking data, Only this pair of shaping underwear

Hide the belly to create an ant waist

The S-SHAPER shaping underwear has a super-abdominal effect: before wearing it is a bucket waist, the meat on the belly is about to overflow; putting on the shaping underwear, the belly is instantly flat!

The super-fit-testing hip skirt can be easily worn with shaping underwear! Lixian slim waist, double the temperament!

Raise your hips and close your hips

Flat buttocks are a headache for many Asian girls. Even fitness exercises are not effective, not to mention that many people don’t have time to exercise and don’t want to exercise.

Wearing S-SHAPER shaping underwear, having a hip is not a dream!

Butt Lifter Thigh Trimmer PriceEspecially compared with other shaping pants on the market, the effect of S-SHAPER is too obvious!

Traditional buttocks are just padded with silicone pads or sponge pads on the buttocks, which is not only not tight and hot, but also can’t really lift your buttocks. You can only lift your buttocks visually, and the sagging and deformed parts remain unchanged.

S-SHAPER shaping underwear, there are two cross straps on the body of the pants, which lift the buttocks up from both sides, which can really lift up your sagging and excess fat!

4D three-dimensional tailoring, super wrapping, seamless connection, correction, butt lift without delay.
Put on the back butt line and lift 2~3 cm, the buttocks will stand out!

Whether it's flat and ugly hips, sunken sides, or serious fake hips, one S-SHAPER can solve them all!

Wearing it, you will have a round and plump PP, and pulling up the hip line can also make the thighs look 5cm thin! Also particularly long legs!

Fairies with thin bodies, after wearing S-SHAPER, also have curves, slim waist and hips, more feminine!

Frequent crossing of Erlang's legs, or poor standing and sitting posture, can easily cause deformation of the pelvis!
As long as there is a problem with the pelvis, it is impossible to avoid problems such as hip deformation, false hip width, and lower abdomen, which will make you visually fatter!

Not only that, but pelvic problems can also make your posture unsightly: leaning forward looks like a prominent lower abdomen, and leaning backward is easy to shrug your shoulders and neck!

Even if you lose weight to lightning, your ugly posture will only make people feel that you are thin and sluggish. Therefore, it is not only necessary to be visually slender, but also to have a physical temperament! Adjusting the pelvis is a major event that cannot be ignored!

And the pelvis is related to women's health, especially fairies who have given birth to babies should pay more attention! Postpartum pelvic expansion will not only show weight, but also cause back pain and abdominal pain, and even affect the birth of a second child!

S-SHAPER shaping pants increase the function of correcting the pelvis.

Butt Lifter Thigh Trimmer Manufacturer The cross pelvic restraint belt can lift the hips and gather the hips, accurately focus on the pelvis and buttocks, tighten and correct the lifting, and at the same time, it is comfortable and seamless.

Help tighten your pelvis and solve your body problems, posture problems, and health problems all at once!

As a pair of underwear, intimate contact with the private parts for 24 hours, if you don't choose the right one, it is easy to cause inflammation, odor, itching and other gynecological diseases to recur!

However, most of the belly pants on the market are too thick, stuffy and airtight, stiff and tight, and wearing them is really a nuisance!

As a conscientious brand, S-SHAPER products sell well all over the country and are exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as Japan, the United States, Australia, Germany, and Italy. The quality is strictly controlled!

After a layer of contrast screening, selected imported Lycra fabrics, delicate and comfortable, particularly good elasticity. No pilling or static electricity after repeated cleaning.

Use antibacterial fabric bottom crotch, delicate and soft cotton fabric, gentle and skin-friendly.

The fabric has super moisture absorption capacity, keeping the private parts dry at any time.

Wear skin-friendly, no sense of restraint, no flesh. Soft and soft, putting it on is like being gently wrapped in clouds.
Coupled with the advanced knitting technology, it is guaranteed that it will not be deformed after repeated wearing and taking off, washing will not lose its elasticity, and the shaping ability will remain!

The workmanship is fine, the seaming is neat, and there will be no skin piercing feeling when wearing.

Don't endure the sultry heat of wearing two pants, a pair of S-SHAPER shaping pants = underwear + crotch belt + hip pants.

Tuck your abdomen, raise your hips, adjust your pelvis, and give you a good figure after lordosis. Don't be too conscientious!