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Sleeveless Full Body Corrective Bodysuits SupplierSleeveless Full Body Corrective Bodysuits SupplierSleeveless Full Body Corrective Bodysuits SupplierSleeveless Full Body Corrective Bodysuits Supplier

Sleeveless Full Body Corrective Bodysuits Supplier

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China Caffeine Ge factory in Tourmaline Ge, functional supplier of S-Shaper coveralls;
Wholesale tourmaline suit
Germanium slimming body
Reduce cellulite
Healthcare function
Position corrector
Wear your bra, Lace trim, Open Crotch
Wide straps to stay in place
Functional shapewear factory

Comfortable and & breathable
1. Caffeine-infused garments are an exciting new innovation in shapewear. This body provides all-over shaping, while also helping you maximize your workouts.
2. Wear your bra, Lace tidy, Horse open: wear panties outside the shape-wear and convenient for the bathroom.
3. Wide straps for comfort and safety in place, perfect for weight loss belly, back, hips and thighs under any type of clothing from casual clothes to dance / dance / cocktail dresses / wedding dresses or dresses and excellent base layer for gym, Yo-ga, jogging, running, fitness and casual. Cold hand wash.
4. Material: this fabric uses microcapsules enriched with natural active ingredients such as caffeine, retinol, fatty acids, aloe vera and vitamin E that dissolve cellulite, firm up the skin and accelerate the burning of fat, letting the skin absorb more oxygen while you wear it .
5. Health care function: add plenty of tissues to tourmaline and germanium to the shapewear tissue that strengthens the health care function.
6. Comfortable and & Breathable: looks like a second skin, the light and breathable fabric with an exceptionally fine structure allows complete freedom of movement. It is silky and tested to ensure that you do not feel too tight, too hot or otherwise uncomfortable.
Dimensions Note: for slimming, it is recommended to resize this garment.

The advantages of wearing fit underwear?
1. The use of skin can help you burn fat and lose weight. No need to exercise anymore, every moment the fat is in the
2. Make the skin of cellulite tender and smooth. It has a favorable absorbency for the skin.
3. The board will not roll and spin for arbitrary cutting. Anti-friction / anti-chlorine water / radiation protection / quick drying.

Remarks: The skin should wear 8 hours a day, the total test time is 56 days. And stay normal diet, don't overeat.

The effect of tourmaline:
Far infrared grains are made from a natural electric stone. It can emit far infrared rays that can produce heat and therefore effectively improve blood circulation, improve metabolism and detoxification, burning excess body fat to achieve the goal of weight loss. Tourmaline can emit a bioelectric field, this micro-current of the Tourma-line electrode can regulate the central nervous system and the autonomic nervous system and the function of cells in the cerebral cortex, and has a significant effect to improve heart and brain diseases, neurasthenia, insomnia, forgetfulness and other autonomic nervous disorders.
The effect of germanium:
It renews our balance and strength, reduces fatigue, muscle tension and increases flexibility; Improves blood circulation, improves metabolism and detoxification, keeps the body slim. Relieve discomfort and depression, calm the mind and improve sleep; Improve mental attention to achieve good performance in the workplace, in the studio and make people feel fresh in long-distance driving or frequent driving; It will provide energy to the blood corpuscle and low viscosity, therefore it will reduce the chance of getting cardiovascular diseases, heart disease and stroke.

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Table of women's sizes

This size chart is for reference purposes only. Dimensions may vary between brands.

General dimensions
64 / M
70 / L
76 / XL
82 / XXL
90 / XXXL
Waist (cm)

S-SHAPER Internation Ltd located in the beautiful coastal city - (Shenzhen). It enjoys an advantageous geographical position less than 4 km from Shenzhen Baoan International Airport.
S-Shaper specialize in customization and production for functional suit, fitness sportswear, shapewear, seamless underwear, compression garments, etc. OEM / ODM are welcome!
Seamless Shapewear Factory China,Lingerie Manufacturer China
We provide professional quality inspection services, ensure timely and effective shipping, to offer you the best services.
Persisting in innovation, we S-SHAPER are detcompleted to become a leader in the shapewear sector.
With S-SHAPER your money in safety, your business in safety!

OEM and ODM information
OEM Shapewear Factory China,OEM Lingerie Manufacturer China

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S-SHAPER service

√ Guaranteed quality:
100% quality satisfaction guaranteed, all shipment will be strictly inspected by QC before shipment.
√ Production:
Long term and & Stable supply for all kinds of Shapewear.OEM / ODM, custom design are welcome.
√ Free design service:
Provide free packaging design and marketing materials for your promotion.
√ Fast shipping:
China factory provides fast delivery directly.
Express (DHL / UPS / FEDEX / TNT / ARAMEX / CITYLINK), Freight by air, Sea freight, etc.

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